About Dowell Associates

We are one of the leading player in the field of supply delivery and Installation & commissioning of High Mast poles & octagonal polls to illuminate The public lighting stadium lighting, Yard lighting and custom needs of various Illuminating purpose.

Dependable Construction

The Mast & pole are compiling international standard designed & Manufactured for durability wear and corrosion resistance and visual appeal. TheConstruction of materials are of High mast quality and supports that meet your Specifications and exceed your expectations for architectural lighting and number Of other applications.

Technical Specification

Material of High Mast :

Hot Rolled M.S.Plate/Strip as per IS 5986/BSEN-10025/ Equivalent. Minimum Yield Strength is 344 Mpa & Minimum Ultimate tensile Strength is 510 Mpa with maximum Sulpher and Phosphorous percentage of 0.05.

Material for Base Plate :

Hot Rolled M.S.plate as IS 2062.

Foundation Bolt :

High Tensile Steel having UTS of 415 Mpa Minimum.

Wire Rope :

S/S wire rope having 7/19 construction with a grade of AISI 316.

Metal Protection :

Hot Dip Galvanized coating on both internal & external Surface and throughout the length. Minimum coating thickness is 86 microns i.e. above 600 Gm/m2 as per IS 4759.